One of many memorable moments in Christmas is the decoration time. Kids will especially love it, since they could pick the glittery and cute-shaped decoration. For this Christmas, what about trying something new? You can make your very own version of Christmas decoration. Now you can create any characters you want!


  • a bowl of all-purpose flour
  • one tbs of salt
  • a bowl of cold water
  • animal shape cake mold (or any shape you like)
  • a roller
  • various color of poster paint
  • a brush

Step 1

Make the salt dough. This project could not be done without the salt dough. First, prepare the flour, salt and cold water. Bring an empty bowl. Mix all the ingredients together. The ratio is up to you, just make sure that the salt is less than the flour. Also, pour water gradually. Once the dough gets too watery, it is not easy to fix. Using room temperature or hot water is not recommended: it will change the texture of the dough.

Step 2

Knead the dough. Before starting the process, make sure your hands are clean. Ask the children to rinse their hand if they want to help kneading. Mix the ingredients until it makes the perfect form. Squeeze and stretch the dough using both hands. Then, bring it back together. Repeat the process. It is similar to noodle making process. Make sure no flour is seen. It should not stick on the hand and has clean white color.

Step 3

Roll the dough. It is time to make the dough flat. Pinch several amount of the dough. Then, put it on a flat surface. Don’t forget to pour some flour before putting the dough to prevent sticky surface. Using the roll, make the dough flat. Make sure the roller is clean and puts some flour coat. Apply gentle pressure to the dough. Make sure the thickness is even. Repeat the process from the beginning if you make uneven thickness.

Step 4

Cut the dough. Since all the preparations are made to celebrate the New Year, the must have cut is rooster. It is the symbol of the new beginning. Take the rooster mold and make the rooster shaped dough with it. You have to make at least five of them. Since rooster has complicated curves, it will be better to do this by yourself, unless you are patient enough to guide the children.

Step 5

Cut the dough. Now comes the fun part. Get the children to work together on this part. Bring the cake mold to the table. Ask the children to press the cake mold on the dough. To get a nice shape, make sure that the children put the thinner side upside down. Then apply medium strength while pressing. Shake the mold a little before lifting it up. If the pressure is too light, the dough is not cut yet. Thus, it will break when the mold is lifted.

Step 6

Dry the dough. There are two ways to dry the salt dough. First, let the air dries the dough. The weakness of this method is the bubble forming on the surface and the short life of the product. The second method is oven-drying. Before throwing the dough in, preheat the oven to 250 Farenheit. After you put the dough in, wait for 30 minutes. The dough will get maximum dryness and no bubble formed.

Step 7

Color the dough. The last part is definitely fun for the children. Prepare the brush and the poster coloring. Make sure the dough is cooled down before painting it. Open the lid of the poster paint. If it is too dry, then prepare also a small bowl of water. Dip the brush to the water before painting.


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