New school year starts soon! It is time to greet all friends and teacher. For many children, the beginning of school could be either expected or refused. Nothing is more fun than the holiday. Grab the children’s interest using this simple yet fancy greeting card!


  • a sheet of black card paper
  • a sheet of white card paper
  • a sheet of red card paper
  • a sheet of green card paper
  • a scissors
  • a bottle of glue
  • a pencil
  • a black marker

Step 1

Fold the paper in half. Take the red card paper from the stack. Lay it on the table. Bring the right side to the left side. Press the card paper surface after checking that both sides are lined up nicely. If you want the kids to help, then make sure to draw the middle line on the center of the paper. Then you can simply ask the kids to fold the paper by following the lines.

Step 2

Sketch the apple. Now it is time to draw the apple. Start from the right side first, make curvy line. It will be easier to draw the apple touching the upper edge of the paper, then sliding down to the lower edge. Continue with the exact copy of the right side on the left side. If you work with children, you could help them by providing dotted lines. So, the children only need to connect the dots.

Step 3

Cut the apple. This process should be done by adults, especially if you don’t have special scissors for kids. Cut the apple shape from the upper edge, then goes down to the curve. To get a clean cut, make sure you use a sharp scissors. A blunt scissors will be hard to work with. Also, cut the pencil mark as you trace the apple pattern. Otherwise, you might have extra job after cutting: erasing the pencil mark.

Step 4

Sketch the leaves. Take the green paper card from the stack. Make lines and measure them to 10×5 cm. Then, cut the pattern, so you will get several boxes. Take the pencil. Sketch the leaves on the small green paper. Put the tip of the pencil on the lower left corner. Next, make a loop and goes back to the starting point. You don’t have to fill the whole box, as long as the leaves have even shape.

Step 5

Cut the leaves. It is time to cut the paper with leaves sketch. The rule is not changing: cut the pencil mark as the scissors work and start working from the edge of the paper. For leave part, the cutting is not too complicated. Thus, the children could also do the job. Make sure the adults guide and supervise the whole process. In total, you will need two to three leaves. Cut some extra leaves, just in case you need them later.

Step 6

Decorate the leaves. Putting the leaf shaped paper as it is won’t make it appealing. Therefore, you need to add something flashy to the paper. The easiest way to do it is by using the black marker. Draw the leaves bone on the paper. There is no need to highlight the edges. Again, this job could be shared with the children. You may also draw the dots as the guideline for the kids.

Step 7

Decorate the apple. Cut more decorations from the white and black paper. The white paper could be used to make the flesh of the apple. Use the smaller apple pattern to be the flesh. Then, the black paper would be the seeds.

Step 8

Glue the pieces together. The last step is putting everything together. Glue the pieces to its place: the flesh, the seeds and the leaves.


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