Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by giving such a memorable gift for Mom. Isn’t it wonderful if you can make your own unique gift for your beloved mom in Mother’s Day? The best gift in Mother’s Day comes up from the heart, particularly if it is made by your kid. In this tutorial, your kid will learn how to make a sweet yet simple gift to be given to Mom.


Step-by-step instructions will be given in a simple and easy way so that kid can do it by him/herself without significant help from parent. However, if the parent wants to get involved making the flower bouquet with the kid, make sure that the parent only gives the instruction on what the kid needs to do. Let him/her make this craft by him/herself. If the kid has difficulty during the process, parent can also give the assistance.

The first thing that the parent can do is by preparing the supplies needed to make this cute flower bouquet gift. Here are the materials and the tools that you need to prepare:

  • Craft papers
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Flower craft punch

Step 1

When the supplies are ready, the kid can start creating this beautiful bouquet of flowers from the craft papers. The first thing to do is by making the base to attach the flowers. Take the green craft paper. Then, carefully fold the paper like a paper fan. After the paper is folded completely, take one edge of the paper and press it as seen in the picture.

Step 2

On the paper edge that you press previously, let’s tie it using the ribbon. Wrap the fan just like what it is seen from the picture. Before wrapping the fan with the ribbon, you can apply some glue between the folds if you want to make the fold stronger enough.

Step 3

Now, let’s make the flowers. You can make some colorful flowers from the craft papers by using the flower punch. Just take the craft paper and press the surface with the paper craft punch. Make sure to create flowers with various craft papers.

If you don’t have the flower punch at home, you can always go for the traditional one; the flower template. Draw a pattern of flower on the paper using a pencil and then cut it. Use this flower template to make some colorful flowers from the craft paper. Place the template on the craft paper, draw it and cut it.

Step 4

After you make various flowers from the craft papers, decorate them first. Make small circles from various craft papers that will be glued in the center of the flowers. After the small circles are ready, glue each of them onto each flower as shown from the picture. Make sure all flowers are being decorated with these small circles.

Step 5

As the flowers are all finished to decorate, it’s time to glue them on the paper fan. Apply some glue on the back side of the paper flower and attach it onto the paper fan. To make your flower bouquet beautiful, you can fill most parts of the fan with the paper flowers.

Step 6

Tada! Your handmade flower bouquet is ready. Now, you can give this lovable gift for Mom on Mother’s Day. Your mom must be very happy to receive such warm gift from you.

This paper flower bouquet is easy to make, isn’t it? The instructions are also easy to understand and follow. The process of making the flower bouquet is also quick. However, if you want to make another flower bouquet for your friend, you can always refer to this tutorial.


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