Making greeting card with spring theme is actually a nice idea for a kid project. There are many interesting things to involve and it is an easy project to do. The following project uses only simple material, and the process is easy to follow even for younger kids. We also add interesting materials to make the project even more fun. Let’s learn how to make it.


  • US Letter or A4 paper in any color you like
  • US Letter or A4 paper in green color
  • A piece of paper with wooden pattern on it
  • A small bowl of pop corn
  • A paper glue
  • A scissor

Steps 1

Take the paper you want to use as the card. Lay it down in horizontally in which the base is the length. Fold the paper vertically into two similar sides with the white side is inside. This paper is already transformed into a card. Now, we are ready to decorate the card.

Steps 2

Let’s put the card paper aside and take the paper with wooden pattern on it. Taking advantage on the paper print, let’s cut the paper into tree trunk and branches. This project uses rather tall and slim tree but it is actually up to you. You can shape the tree differently if you want to. You can see the shape in the picture.

Steps 3

Now, let’s decorate the card with the tree shape. Apply some glue on the cut tree and then stick it to the card. Give it a little press to make sure it sticks well and evenly. Make sure the surface is flat. Sweep with your hands to make sure. Wait until the glue gets totally dry.

Steps 4

This is the most fun part of the project. We are going to add blooms on the tree using the popcorn we prepared earlier. Take one piece of popcorn and find an even part of it. Apply some glue on the side and stick the popcorn on one of the branches. Make sure not to move the popcorn until the glue dries and it sticks perfectly.

Then, you can continue adding more popcorn. Add some near the trunk too to make it looks fuller. Wait until the entire glue dries and the popcorn settles and sticks well on the paper.

Steps 5

Now, the card is almost ready. For a little sweet touch, let’s add greeting bubble on the card. Take one of the papers and cut a small piece from it. In the picture, you can see that we cut the paper into floating ribbon shape and we use the white side.

When you are done cutting the paper, apply some glue on the back side of it. Then attach the paper in the position you like. In this project, we attach the paper rather on the below part right on the center. This position is ideal to add some balance on the entire decoration and to grab immediate attention of the person who receives it.

In addition to it, cut some leaves from the green paper and stick the leaves near to the popcorn for more natural look. We don’t add too many here, just enough to add some color and natural touch.

Steps 6

When the paper is ready, write something short but nice on it. Instead of the same words as in the picture, you can write the receiver’s name or other greetings you like to say. Use colorful pen of your choice for matching result.

Steps 7

The spring greeting card is ready to use.


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