We almost celebrate Father’s Day again! It is almost the time to give our dad special gift representing our big love. You don’t need to go to a store to buy stuff. You only need to spare some time to make a craft. Yes, a craft of Father’s Day car greeting card. How to make it? Check this out!


  • Art paper (in this example, the color of the art papers chosen are bluish grey, black, tosca, and yellow. The colors for the art paper depend on how you want your greeting card to be)
  • Glue
  • Green colored pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • Car template

Step 1

Before starting to make the greeting card, make sure you have prepared all the materials needed for this craft. Then to begin with, take your card template, colored pencil and an art paper (in the example, the green art paper is used). Then start drawing the car using the car template.

Step 2

Next, grab a pair of scissors and carve the card you just drew on into a shape of a car. Cut the paper meticulously so that the final result of the greeting card can be nice and tidy.

Step 3

Next, it is time to make the details of the car. Grab another piece of art paper whose color is different from the previous one you used. In this example, the bluish grey art paper is used. With this paper, make the windshield of the car. First, draw the silhouette of the windshield on the paper and then carve it using scissors. After that, take your glue and stick the windshield cut out to the card cut out.

Step 4

After that, draw the bumper of the car using the same art paper. After drawing it, carve the bumper car using scissors. Then take your glue and stick it to the car cut out. In doing step 3 and 4, make sure you apply the glue in considerable amount so that you will not leave any unnecessary glue stain on the car to make it look clean.

Step 5

Next step is working on the wheels of the car. Grab another art paper for making the wheels. In this example, the wheels of the car are made from black art paper. Draw the wheels silhouette on the art paper and cut it. Then glue the wheels cut out to the car.

Step 6

Next, get an art paper whose green color is little bit darker than the one you used to make the car cut out. With that paper, make the cut out of car bonnet and then stick it to the car cut out.

Step 7

Still about the details of the car. Now you need to make the car headlights. To make it, you need to use the bluish grey and the yellow art papers. Make two circles from the bluish grey and another two from the yellow paper. Cut them, and stick them to the car.

Step 8

Next make an inscription of “Best Dad” on a piece of paper and stick them to the car. Write the inscription beautifully with your decorative pen.

Step 9

Your car greeting card is done! You can still add another detail to your car using your decorative pens. The next time you want to make it again, you can use different colors.

Isn’t it simple? A meaningful gift for our dad is not necessarily bought from a store. A handmade is even more touching for him! All you need are papers and a touch of creativity. Go make one and send it to your beloved papa!


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