Christmas is around the corner. Lots of preparations need doing, one of which is the Christmas decoration. If you think you don’t have any time to visit a store to purchase them, you can make one by yourselves. All you need is this idea of making Christmas decoration from pine cones. Go and try the following art. We’ve got the list of the supplies along with the steps.


  • Gouache (in this example, the colors of gouache used are reddish pink and white. You can always go with the colors of your choice)
  • Brushes (get two different sizes of the brush. One is medium and the other one is small)
  • Glue gun
  • Beads (the color of beads used here is white. Again, you can use other colors for your beads)
  • Ribbons (prepare ribbons with two colors. In the example, the colors of the ribbons chosen are light pink and green. Choose your colors!)
  • Pine cone (the number of it depends on how many Christmas decorations you want to make. Get pine cones in different sizes)

Step 1

First thing first, prepare all the materials and tools you need for the craft. Also, make sure you have prepared fixed design for your Christmas decoration including the colors and other details. After all things are sorted, start making the decoration by painting the pine cone.

To do it, grab your paint brush, your pine cones, and the acrylic paint. Paint all the surface of the pine cones evenly. If you think your pine cones are small, use the small paint brush. On the other side, if your pine cones are big, go with the bigger brush.

After painting all the pine cones, let the paint dry for some time before you continue doing the next steps. You need to really wait the paint to dry unless you want to mess up with the color of the whole decorations later.

Step 2

It is still about painting. Now it is the time for you to decide which pine cones should be painted just in white and which ones should be painted in another color. In the example below, some pine cones are painted just in white. With these cones, what to do is to give a couple more coats of white paint.

Meanwhile, for other pine cones, the burgundy acrylic paint is chosen. Give some coats of burgundy paint for the pine cones that you want them to be in burgundy. In painting the pine cones, make sure you paint them neatly so that the final result will be beautiful. After painting the pine cones, let them dry for some time before you proceed to the next step.

Step 3

The last step is the last touch for your Christmas decoration. Get your glue gun and apply some glue on each of the pine cone. In this step, you can decorate your pine cones with the beads you have. How to decorate it? It all depends on how you want your Christmas decoration to be.

Once you think you have had enough beads stuck on the pines, it is the time for you to attach ribbon cuts to the pine cones. The ribbon will hang the pine cones later. The length of the ribbon also depends on your needs and choice. Once you are done with the ribbon, you are also done with this craft. Your Christmas decoration is ready to use.

Christmas Decoration from Pine Cones

Decorating our house or Christmas tree is not necessarily equal to purchasing something from the store. You can always rely on the power of your hands to make your own decoration. Go make one!


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