Are you looking for a unique Christmas decoration? Is the decoration you found too expensive? If you have these problems, you can make your own Christmas decoration with low budget but give a great impact like this Christmas angel.


In making this Christmas angel, you do need lots of tools and most of them can be found around you, even in your house. You just need to prepare:

  • white cotton yarn
  • white thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • flower pin
  • white embroidered cloth
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • small beaded bracelet.

Notes on the supplies:

  • For the cloth, you can buy them or you can cut out some part of your white cloth to reduce the budget.

Step 1

To make the Christmas angel, you firstly need to make a tassel by using the cotton yarn and cardboard. In this step, you need to wrap the cotton yarn in the cardboard as many as you like; the more cotton yarn you wrap, the thicker the Christmas angel will be.

Then, cut a short cotton yarn for like 5 inch to tie the bundle of cotton yarn together. Remove the cardboard and cut a short cotton yarn again and wrap it around the bundle of cotton yarn to make the head of the Christmas angel.

Cut the opposite end of the head to make the skirt. The result can be seen on the picture.

Step 2

Wrap some cotton yarn again to the cardboard to make the hands of the Christmas angel. This time, you need to tie the cotton yarn in the middle and remove the cardboard.

Then, wrap the middle of the bundle of the cotton yarn again with the short cotton yarn. Attach it to the previous tassel and tie them together using needle and thread, or you can simply use cotton yarn again.

Step 3

Take a small white cloth and wrap it around to the Christmas angel below the hands. If you cannot sew them, you can use glue first to attach the cloth to the cotton yarn.

Then, by using the thread and needle, sew the cloth to the tassel. In sewing it, you need to make sure that the cloth is attached properly.

Step 4

Then, you need to cut two strand of thread and wrap each of them around the hands. Make sure that the hands are tied properly and bring the hands of the Christmas angel together to the front part of the Christmas angel.

To make it more beautiful, add the flower pin on top of the hands and glue them together. To make the pin attached properly, you need to sew them again. Then, fold the remaining cloth to make the wings and attach them to the middle-back side of the Christmas angel.

Glue the wings to the Christmas angel and to make them more secure, you can sew them together. Before you sew the wings, you need to make sure that they are in the same height and shape.

Step 5

For the final touch, you can the beaded bracelet to make the hollow ring on top of the Christmas angel head. You can refer to the picture and sew the beaded bracelet like that. Or, you can attach the breaded bracelet on the head of the Christmas angel.

Making this beautiful angel as Christmas decoration is not very hard and you can make it together with your loved ones. Once you hang it on your Christmas tree, you will feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. Moreover, you will have a unique decoration that is not sold in the market and the others do not have it.


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