Spring is just about around the corner! It is now the time to prepare some cute and unique decorations to welcome the Easter. There are so many fun crafts that you and your kids can make together. One of them is this adorable carrot package. You can start making it now so that you won’t be feeling in a rush later on. It’s always good to prepare things beforehand.


The advantage of planning everything ahead is that you can think of some optional decorations that can be used to decorate your house during Easter. You still have plenty of time to determine the crafts that you want to make as well as to buy the supplies needed from the shop near your house. You need to gather the following supplies:

  • Orange creep paper
  • Green creep paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Plastic ribbon

Step 1

Open up the creep papers on the table. You have to measure each paper to make the carrot package and the carrot leaf. For the carrot package, use the orange creep paper and mark it to make a square shape. You can use a ruler to help you making a precise line mark. Then, cut this square form. If you happen to make more than one carrot package, prior to the cutting of the shape, you can fold the creep paper into several folds with the marking lined surface is on top of the piles. Then, hold the folds and cut out.

For the carrot leaf, you will need a rectangular shape of the green creep paper. You can repeat the same step as you previously cut the orange creep paper.

Step 2

Take one piece of square paper and one piece of green paper. Now, fold the orange paper as it will form a cone. If one paper is a success, you can fold some more orange papers to make some cones. To hold the cone shape, you can apply some glue along two sides of the cone where the left and right sides of the paper meet. Leave the cone for awhile to let the glue set and dry.

Step 3

After the glue is dry, you can fold the top of the cone to close it by twisting the top part of the cone as seen from the picture. Make any necessary adjustments if needed.

Step 4

Let’s work on the carrot leaf. Take the green rectangular creep papers. Fold one piece of green paper into half or more. Then, use the scissors to make the fringe on one side of the paper as seen in the picture. Make sure to have the same length of cut for each fringe. Then, unfold the paper.

Step 5

Next is to twist the fringe. You can use one dull side of the scissors to do it or you can use a pen or a pencil. To twist the fringe, you just need to strike the dull part of the scissors along the fringe. Repeat it several times until the fringe is twisted or half curled. Your final result of the carrot leaf should be like in the picture.

Step 6

Take the carrot and wrap the leaf on the twisted top of the carrot. You can apply the glue along the bottom side of the green paper before wrapping it circling the carrot top.

Step 7

To make your carrot package more appealing, you can wrap the plastic ribbon circling the carrot leaf as seen from the picture. Make sure that you create more than one carrot package.

Step 8

After you have finished decorating the packages, you can use some small plait plate to showcase your handmade carrot packages. You can also add some decoration like the rabbit figure to make it more connected with the theme.


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