Paper Christmas tree is always an interesting decor while it makes simple project for both adult and kids. This project invites you to make one and you can attach it on your DIY Christmas card later, or in a book or album cover. Let’s learn how to make it.


  • 1 piece of US Letter/A4 paper in green
  • 1 piece of US Letter/A4 paper in red
  • Paper glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

Step 1

Take the green paper and fold it diagonally so it turns to a triangle. You can cut the excessive part or the rectangular strip. We need the triangle to have the same length of feet. In alternative to US Letter or A4 paper, you can use the origami paper instead that commonly comes in perfect square size.

Step 2

We are going to cut the paper but we need to make guide lines first. Put the paper on a flat surface with one of the feet becomes the base and the diagonal cut is on the right side. Then, draw a line following the diagonal side. Draw it around 1 cm away from the diagonal side.

When you are done making the first line, you can continue making the cutting guide lines. On the base side, mark several spots that are around 1 cm away to each other. You need to draw the vertical lines from the diagonal line you made earlier to the base side. Finish drawing lines until the right side or vice versa.

Step 3

Now, the paper is ready to cut. You can start cutting the paper on the vertical lines. Cut the entire lines one by one and remember to stop when you reach the diagonal line. When done, you will have several trips from the cut.

Step 4

Now, we are going to shape the Christmas tree. Before starting, let’s unfold the paper first. You will have several strips on both of the side. To begin shaping the tree, apply some glue on the middle part of the paper.

Step 5

Take the top strip on the left and take it to the right until it reaches the right side in aligned position. Give it a little press so it sticks with the glue. When it settles, apply some glue on its tip. Then, take the top strip on the right and take it to the left side, on top of the top left strip. Give it a little press to stick it there.

Now, take the second row strip on the left and do the same thing as we previously do. This time, stick the paper right below the top strips. Continue the same step with the second right strip.

Step 6

Continue sticking the entire strips at the same order on Step 5 until finish. When you are done sticking the entire strips, you will start seeing the Christmas tree taking shape. It has a small top and wider shape down, exactly like a Christmas tree you can imagine.

Step 7

The tree will need decoration. For a start, it needs the star. Take the red paper and use a cookie mould to draw a star. Make sure both sides of the paper are on the same color. Then cut the star.

Step 8

Apply some glue at the top of the tree and stick the star there. You can also add some more accessories like circles in several colors to make it even livelier.

Step 9

Your 3D Christmas tree is basically ready to use. It is perfect on a card and on your gift box.


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