This cute little bag is just too adorable, and it is easy to make as well. You can ask your kids to do it with you too because the entire steps are totally simple. While you can expect minimal folding, this project also requires cutting and gluing, which is far from boring or being too tense for kids.

The final look of this cute little bag is also very satisfying. It is small and cute, your kids can add the decorations as they please, and it can actually contain candies and small nick nacks in it. Let’s give it a try!

Video Tutorial : How To Make Cute Little Bag Paper Craft



The first thing that the parent can do is by preparing the supplies needed to make this cute little bag paper craft. Here are the materials and the tools that you need to prepare:

  • Color paper (16 cm x 16 cm)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Geometric compass





With only two folds and minimal attaching, you are done making one cute little bag. That is why this project is perfect to try with kids. In addition, you can actually making many of the bag in no time, especially during a special occasion like a party. Want to make some more?

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