There are many things that could inspire the children while drawing or coloring a picture. One of the most popular inspiration is the ocean. Its beauty is captured within the children’s mind quite easily. Then what about asking them to paint something with ocean color? Make the project more interesting by using the unusual media.


  • various shapes of shells
  • various shapes of pebbles
  • various color of poster paints
  • several types of small brushes

Step 1

Paint them black. It will be quite difficult to paint on something that already has color. Thus, the first step to do is painting all the shells and pebbles black. Take the black and dark blue paint. Mix some of each colors in separated bowl. You might need water to dissolve the paint, especially then the paint has paste form. Use brush to mix the paint.

Prepare a white paper or used newspaper on the table. It will be used as the pad, preventing the paint to drip on the table. Then place the shells and pebbles on it. Give some space between the shells and pebbles. Paint them with the mixed paint. Make sure all the surface is colored. If you have a lot of pebbles and shells, it is better to do it in two or three rounds.

Step 2

Paint them white. The craft project will be less beautiful when there is only one color base. Add more color options with white. You don’t have to mix the paint, since white paint could do all the job. Take some white paint and put it on separated bowl. It is not suggested to dip directly to the bottle, as it might get mixed with the other color.

Don’t forget to provide a pad for painting. Using the small brush, apply white paint on the pebbles and shells. While using white paint, the challenge is to apply several layers. Why? Because a thin layer might not cover the original color of the item. Later on, the painting won’t be good. Make sure that every inch of the surface has been colored. If needed, paint them again after drying for several minutes.

Step 3

Paint the colorful dots. Lay a clean pad on the table. Put the black or white painted shells or pebbles on the pad. Take the small brush and dip the tip on the chosen color. Apply gently to the surface of the pebble or the shells. For beginner, it is suggested to make one row of one color. This step is good for practice. In addition, you don’t have to clean the brush several times before changing the color.

When you have mastered the painting dot process, you can bring more creativity on the product. It is possible to put different colors on one row. If you are planning to do this, it might take a while to complete. Allow the first color to dry before adding the new color. Also, clean the brush thoroughly if you plan to apply solid dots color.

Step 4

Allow the paint to dry. Keep the finished item out of reach from the children. It is best to put it on the chilly area. There is no need to turn on the hair dryer. Instead of speeding up the drying process, it will melt the paint. Then, you will have to do everything all over again.

It is also not recommended to put it outdoor. The sun helps the items to dry, but the dust will be the disturbing additional you don’t want to have. Although the air dry takes a while, it gives the best result so far.


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